Lady! I just wanted to say: your ass is out!

When I started reading Cotton Comes to Harlem the only thing I could think of was:

But then I researched when desegregation really was and it made sense, since this book was written right at that time.  There are still so many open references to the stereotypes of whites and especially Blacks that the author seems to want the reader to just get used to it.  My title is a quote from when someone pointed out to a girl that her dress was torn and I literally laughed out loud, because she cared more for her hair than her naked butt.  This is what makes this book different because, while it still is a hard-boiled text, it is also very real with events that anyone should remember and it even has a little humor to it.

The two hired “detective” guys that are supposed to protect Deke O’Malley are so sarcastic and really do not want to do their job that O’Malley seems to be the protagonist even though he is an ex-con and I still don’t know if he really loves his fellow “brothers”.

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