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I am really loving Mildred Pierce because it may not have all of the guts and gory parts that the other stories had, it can still make you question the whys in life.  Mildred Pierce has started her life a new and we get to be a part of it, but what is different is that she does not seem to dwell on all of the great things (opening her own restaurant, three actually, and also raising her children, I mean child, all by herself) but rather she rushes past describing them like there not important.  When her husband leaves and she gets very upset towards even thinking about him, but as time goes on she thinks about how great he was with the kids.  She has been making pocketfuls of money after opening her restaurant and yet the two years or so where it all develops is skipped until she runs into a new snag.  I looked up the definition of grippe, which Ray got, and it sounds pretty awful and Mildred thinks it is awful, but there are not that many emotions towards it.  Whatever is going on truly in Mildred Pierce’s mind, it still seems easy enough to love the way she acts and reacts.

P.S. How about how that Veda acts!  Mildred tries so hard to stop it and yet she is jealous of it?  Is this because Mildred was once like her?     (I still don’t know how to embed…)

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