Red Reactions.

So we’re halfway through Red Harvest. I like it. Before this class, I had never really delved into any detective fiction. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the genre, it just wasn’t what I migrated to. So this could be marked as my first “hardboiled” literature adventure. (That rhymed.) And I like it. The characters are hard to keep straight, but it’s nothing a good old fashioned character map can’t fix. I’m a Salinger lover, so this has much more action than I’m used to. I do have to focus in order not to miss stuff, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Going over the first half in class Tuesday really helped clear up the order of events for me, and I think it also helped me to see exactly how drastic the loyalty shifts were. I’m excited to finish it, and look at the novel as one big picture. So far my first exposure to hardboiled literature is going pretty well.

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