“Devil” who is always wearing Blue?

Finishing up the semester with Devil in a Blue Dress was really nice because it was the first time that the man character was just a regular guy that was then inspired to become a detective.  It teaches us that that we are all still at the beginning of our lives and we can still be dragged into whatever it is that will decide the rest of our lives.

I did not understand why Daphne was considered a “devil” but she did wear a lot of blue!

Daphne was very much a femme fatale as she used Easy, her brother Frank and even her fiance Todd Carter to get away freely.  In the end, however, you really feel bad for her because she is giving up everything and constantly starting her life over to get away from her half Afican life, but it always seems to be hanging over her.  She wasn’t a devil in my mind because she was just trying to protect her family and friends by running and hiding.  Easy really inspires all of the people of that time and today, because he may be driven by money most of the time, but he has good standards for himself and is trusted to always do the right thing.

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