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What’s the rumpus?

“What’s the rumpus?” This question shows up early in Red Harvest. I recognized it from Miller’s Crossing where it was asked by several chartacters. Miller’s Crossing bears some plot similarities to Red Harvest. You’ve got a guy playing everyone against everyone … Continue reading Continue reading

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The GIFs Underneath

How did I not know about this movie? I like Soderbergh’s films, and neo-noir is right up my alley. Yet I never heard of it until Groom mentioned it in his Criss Cross post. My wife wondered why everything was … Continue reading Continue reading

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The other guys

After seeing Groom’s gifs of Siodmak’s Killers, I thought I’d try some of Don Siegel’s 1964 version. It’s a retelling rather than a remake. There are some interesting connections between the two. Apparently Siegel was originally hired to do the … Continue reading Continue reading

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