First Impressions are Always the Hardest to Overcome.

Not that these were bad impressions. In fact, I’ve been pretty impressed with everything so far. Let’s start with the Hemmingway first, shall we?

My favorite English teacher of all time was in love with Hemmingway. Since I trust her completely with matters of English, I’ve always assumed that Hemmingway was someone to love; and I do. In the field of Physics, there is a collective theory that in order to prove you really understand something, or that an aspect of our world is fully explained, the formula created must be able to fit cleanly on a t-shirt. If this were applied to English, Hemmingway would be like the Haynes-man or something, because he is so direct in his stories. I have no doubt that he would be able to fit the meaning of each of his stories on a t-shirt. Personally, I think this shows just how capable he is of a story teller.

“In Our Time” is not yet my favorite of Hemmingway’s novels (that award goes to The Sun Also Rises). However, I like seeing this side of Hemmingway’s writing. I enjoy the personal stories, and while I have not yet settled upon a theory for why he included them, I do not doubt his decision to do so. I don’t generally like novels or short stories that are based on war, (does this make me unpatriotic?) but this one is different. It’s not about war, it just so happens to include war. At least, the way I see it. I am also looking forward to analyzing the writing style of Hemmingway and why it is used to propel the hardboiled genre.

Now, for the class itself. I’m going to come right out and say it: I hate technology. I enjoy my iPhone, but I don’t understand half of what goes in to it. The reason I didn’t properly underline Hemmingway’s novel up there is because I couldn’t figure out how. (it is bugging me as much as it’s bugging you.) However, I read The God Particle over the summer despite my strong tendency towards English and History simply because I knew very little about Physics. So I am very much into learning about something just because you don’t know anything about it. Therefore, I’m okay with diving head first into this technology based class. As long as no one mocks me for not understanding HTML.

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