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With so much about this story based on loss and what comes after loss, it is beneficial to investigate how death is addressed in this collection. Here in Indian Camp, we see that the Doctor thinks that it “depends,” but we also see Nick questioning the difficulty of losing literally everything. I think this questioning is a foreshadow of how Nick addresses losing later in the stories.  I made the shirt red to represent the obvious death, and chose a bunk bed to represent the idea of birth and death in the same bed. The font is childish to imitate the naivete in Nick’s voice as he asks the question.

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This line goes along with the theme of not knowing what love is that is prevalent throughout the book. Luz thinks that she has found real love, not just boy and girl love, but in reality the love she thought she had with the major was not real either. I made the shirt orange, because orange is only a few wavelengths away from red; kind of like a red color but not really. Since red is generally associated with love, I see the orange as not quite love; a boy and girl affair.

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Nick is experiencing the loss of Marjorie, and it seems sudden, like the loss that Hemmingway describes in much of this collection. Most of the loss occurs somewhat out of the blue, hence the color of the shirt. I used this image of a flask to show how Nick is dealing with this loss.

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Used in reference to craziness, but could also be used to describe the “having” before the “losing” that occurs throughout the story. I used this image to express the “craziness” that this short story is so focused around.

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This line takes an act of love that is usually considered to be something enjoyable and twists it very simply into something that has to be worked at and “stood for”. I think this captures the feeling towards love throughout this collection; as something that must be suffered through and dealt with or even overcome. I took some liberty with the directions and made a baby onesie instead, to represent what it was they were “trying for”.

Credits to “TheNounProject.org”, “CafePress.com” and “In Our Time” pg. 129

I think this line sums up the loss of “In Our Time” well because it alludes to losing everything, all at one time. Not only has Joe lost his father, but he also just lost his father’s reputation. This line points out that there is more to lose than just the physical man his father was.  I chose this color type with the idea that the bits of red on the lining represented the physical of his father, with the white representing the rest of his reputation. The stretcher in the middle shows how all of this was taken with his death and the men’s gossip.

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