Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust.

Wow! If anyone ever needed the definition for a nutcase I would show them Bandini. He is insane, not to mention narcissistic and just rude. There are so many directions I could take this post, but I will just stick to his relationship with Camille, and how self centered he his. First of he immediately insulted Camille when he first saw her, and continued to do so, and explained that sometimes he gets so angry that he can’t help it. Huh? That is so ridiculous. While reading the book, all I could hear in my head was a girl saying “Douche Bag Alert!”, that statement couldn’t be more true.  That also adds to the idea of Bandini being extremely self centered. For goodness sakes, he thought there was an earthquake because he had sex. There is also the whole library bit, where he went on and on about how he will be among the greats. He hasn’t even published anything, let alone written anything besides letters to Hackmuth. I wonder if he feels like he has to build himself up from other’s bad fortune, because he was made fun of in his old home? Bandini is a very interesting character, I wonder how Fante came up with him? Where did his inspiration come from? So far, I am not in favor of the book, but Bandini makes for a unique enough character, that may move the story along in an interesting way.


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