And as the dust blew away…

Arturo and Camille have a very interesting relationship. It is definitely a love-hate relationship, which makes it all the more confusing. Throughout the book, we constantly see these ups and downs in their connection, but it seems that they have so many more down periods than up. Which I can understand, Arturo is extremely self centered, and heck I don’t think he has the ability to love anyone else but himself. One part of the book that really stuck out to me, was when Arturo and Camille were at the shooting range, and Arturo just sucked, he even admitted to being a sissy, which I thought was out of character for him. Just as I thought, maybe he was realizing that he wasn’t the greatest man alive he said, “She did not hate Arturo Bandini, not really. She hated the fact that he did not meet her standards.” (Fante). In all honesty, she did hate Arturo, because Arturo didn’t have the character to meet her standards, and his character is him, so she did hate who he is. Did that make sense? Arturo is definitely different, what other guy would stick with Camille after she was admitted to a mental hospital, especially after there messed up relationship, and then once she escapes continue to live with her? Throughout the whole story I began to see that Arturo doesn’t have many girls interested in him, which is why he desperately tries to cling to Camille. Even if they are complete opposites. I think that the relationship between Arturo and Camille, defines who Arturo is as a man. He is self centered. egotistical, and cruel. I wonder if Arturo is based off of a real person in Fante’s life or if he is made up? Overall I think that book was definitely interesting, I wouldn’t say that it was one of my favorites, but it wasn’t horrible.


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