Criss Cross: Sharpening Her Nails

I think the noir animated GIFs this semester are going to be fun! This GIF features Anna Dundee (played by Yvonne DeCarlo) sharpening her nails in Robert Siodomak’s 1948 noir Criss Cross, a film wherein Burt Lancaster reprises his role as chump from Siodomak’s 1946 The Killers. This film is an awesome companion film to The Killers, and it was actually remade in 1995 as The Underneath by Steven Soderbergh—a film I also really like. The plot centers around an armored car heist and Steve Thompson’s (Burt Lancaster) ill-fated romance with a quite memorable femme fatale. I like this GIF because it really captures Yvonne DeCarlo’s beautiful caginess throughout the film. She is filing her nails while the robbery is being planned, looking up stonily as her lover seals his fate.

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