6x6x6 the number of the beast

I feel like I’m seeing 6 word stories everywhere now. I sent my Hemingway book back to the library before the idea of boiling it down to 6 word stories came up. But one of the stories that stood out for me was “The Battler,” which is available online. The key turning point in the tale was when the crazy ex-boxer asks to see Nick’s knife:

“Let me take your knife, Nick,” he said.
“No, you don’t,” the negro said. “Hang onto your knife, Mister Adams.”

There we have two six word sentences, an exchange that shifts Ad Francis from jovial to dangerous. I found a knife on the Noun Project and put it together with the two quotes in Illustrator. Then I slapped them on the front and back of a Cafe Press shirt.

I kinda like it. People would get that there’s a cryptic meaning to it, but most wouldn’t place the quotes.

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