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There are many reasons that people doubt themselves and then dream of a better them like Arturo Bandini did, but it all comes back to the idea that everyone is trying to get their spattered “ink spot” of a life noticed.  Ask the Dust has opened my eyes a little bit wider by looking at what seems like a pathetic life in LA, but is truly Bandini’s understanding of the universe.  Yes, there have been times that I have desperately wanted to be remembered for something and even, like this apple, I have wondered why I was the way I was, but THIS is why.  Going to college I want to learn one thing about everything and everything about one thing, living this gifted life I want to be able to give back, and most importantly I want everyone that I work with to feel okay, maybe even happy.

Enough about me, I like the title of the book and the idea of existentialism because it has made me think twice about my life.  When Fante says “The desert was always there, waiting for men to die,” it makes sense that a writer trying hard to understand himself would think this, but it is weird that he then says that the fact that he is the few that live in the universe  is “brave” it inspires me to feel the same.

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