I have never been a strong reader. I went through high school reading sparknotes or having teachers reading books to me and always being told what the book means. I have never been forced to look into a book and analyze it. I have tried to understand time and time again what goes on in books, but for some reason it just doesn’t work out. English has always been my worst subject, and reading books is honestly. And beginning to read the books for this class, I have struggled this whole time, but there is something about going to class and listening to everyone becoming engaged in what is happened, it has inspired me to want that. I want to understand these books like some of my classmates. I like how so far I have known what is going on in this book, but still not sure if I am getting everything. In class, everything makes sense, and when I come back to read, it somehow becomes much more difficult. I know we are supposed to be blogging about the book, but thinking about the book, makes me think of the struggles I’m having. And it is a bit too late to go back and read and try and understand it all, but I am going to keep working and pushing myself. So I guess this book has inspired me to want to try harder with this class and reading in general. But I am hoping that I can be more engaged for the remainder of the class!

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