Strangers on a Train

Strangers On A Train irked me to no end. I enjoyed the style of writing and most of our characters, but Bruno is what did me in. Although I have never met someone quite to his extent, I hate his type of neediness that can’t take the hint, or does and then won’t. What only further perturbed me was how he successfully corrupted Guy, who I did initially like! It made it even worse when Bruno would jeopardize Guy’s relationship with Anne because I loved the way he talked about her and how their relationship seemed to be, especially after the damage Miriam seemed to have done. Highsmith went to great lengths to establish their sick, perverse and just twisted relationship that was a borderline bromance, I thought. I found myself continuously hoping for the best in this novel, and while I wasn’t met with the worst, the slow deterioration still ate at me. I appreciate the story and the way it was written, just perhaps not my favorite novel so far this year.

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