Red Harvest

Wow. A lot of violence in only a few chapters already, and the murderer was caught too. I wasn’t really into the book as I was with In Our Time since I’m not a big fan of detective novels but its still a good book. My favorite character has to be Max Thaler A.K.A Whisper because he just seems to catch my attention and he seems pretty bad ass to me. I like his attitude toward things and his nickname is pretty cool. After reading a couple more chapters, it got more violent as the detective dug deeper and got more serious with cleaning up Personville. I almost laughed when I read that one of the detective’s colleague wears high heels to make him taller and all I could imagine was him walking around in women’s high heels. I was surprised ti found out that Noonan gets killed later on but I never liked that guy in the beginning. This books just gets more violent as it heads toward the end.

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