It’s about to be a what? Girl fight!

This book is fast paced and a little crazy. This whole book just has a lot going on all the time. But the part that really kinda freaked me out was chapters 10 and 11. First we have Iris who wants hot and heavy sex with the detective, and then she escapes to find Deke. After finding him at Mabel’s house, a cat fight breaks out between these two women who end up naked and then Iris becomes a murderer! Like what?!?! This book is just throwing a lot at me and I am not quite sure if I like it yet. I did find a connection between that fight and Strangers on a Train. What really got Iris fired up was when Mabel said she was having Deke’s baby. This is kind of like when Guy finds out that Miriam is having another mans child. She wouldn’t have one with Guy, so this hurt Guy, I think, to hear. Same thing with Iris and Deke. Iris it seems, is in love with Deke, but he is having a child with Mabel. And this just disgusts me because her husband literally just died and now she wants to have a baby with the Reverend. This part really frustrated me. I mean can’t she have any decency? DISRESPECTFUL! And I don’t like this Reverend guy either. He is a sham. Everything he says is God’s will and he uses this to get into Mabel’s pants. Like c’mon guy! You just scammed $87,000 out of people, how horrible can you be? At least Mabel can now go join her husband on the other side, we still have to deal with Deke for the remainder of the book. This ought to be interesting…

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