Didn’t see that coming.

Did anyone else find it sort of funny that the entire time Grave Digger and Coffin Ed are looking for all of these important, dangerous people that could have the money, and then at the end it turns out some random non-connected dude, Uncle Bud, whom we see only briefly at the beginning, took the $87,000 and skipped town? I mean if I was a detective that would really make me angry. Talk about anticlimactic. And whatever happened to the money? He probably just bought some cattle or something.

Online it talked about how this is reminiscent to old African folk tales, and how the bad guy or trickster always gets away, like Brer Rabbit for example. But is Himes saying that’s a good thing, because at least the white supremacists didn’t get it? Or is this another comment on how corrupted society of the time was?

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