~Hammett’s Red Harvest~

This book is intense! The era of prohibition is really intriguing. First off a new form of crime was born, and secondly the government created it. How ironic is it that in the attempt to prevent crime the government created a new form that could possibly be much worse than any person could imagine. Hammett’s Red Harvest really dives right into the corrupt, murderous, and repulsive idea behind organized crimes role in the prohibition era. I felt like the book is very easy to read, and that the details really help the depth of the story. While reading I can imagine everything that is going on. I can picture the scenery, the people, and even the smells. I am able to imagine what it would be like to live during that time, and what sorts of things I would encounter. I find it interesting how the Continental Op is looking into Donald Wilsson’s murder, and is slowly unraveling a complicated mystery that could be life threatening.


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