Indemnity Only

I started reading Indemnity Only with only one purpose: get through it so I can write an article on it. As, I started reading the book I became more and more interested. The book was actually very well written, and the main character V.I Warshawski was a really well thought out character, and I really connected with her. The whole book revolves around V.I Warshawski and hunt to find out who killed Peter Thayer and his father John Thayer. While Warshawski is investigating the murders, she uncovers an insurance scam that John Thayer, Yardley Masters and Andrew McGraw had all been involved in. Wasrshawski knows the only way to find out exactly what all took place is to track down, Peter’s girlfriend and McGraw’s daughter: Anita Hill(McGraw). Throughout the story Warshawski runs into many road blocks, and she proves herself to be the femme fatale of the story. I throuroughly enjoyed the book, and I love the fact that it is only 1 of 8 books that starts Private Investigator V.I Warshawski. I will definitely try to read the other 7, because of how well this book was written.

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