“How did I know that murder can sometimes smell like honeysuckle?”

I actually really liked the movie, I thought it was interesting and intense. Double Indemnity definitely fits in the catagory of noir. It is dark, and eventful, while playing the lovers card. I really liked out the movie started off with Walter Neff wobbling into work, bleeding and ready to confess. By that point, you already knew that the crime had been committed, you just didn’t know what crime. The title Double Indemnity kind of has a double meaning. The first is that an insurance company will pay double the amount of money for an accident that is rare, and the second could stand for the two murders that take place. Throughout the movie, you never really get to know Neff, but you trust him because he is all you have to rely on for the story. Even from the beginning you see the relationship between Neff and Phyllis takes off. Phyllis tells Neff that her husband is controlling, abusive and manipulative, which is why she is drawn to Neff because he is so relaxed and free. What is up with the common theme of controlling men in the noir category? Phyllis must have had a lot of anger built up to dream and think about murdering her husband. I never really understood her motive though. I couldn’t tell if she really did hate him, or if she was in it for the money? I thought it was suprising that she was willing to turn on her husband and take his life, and it seemed like she didn’t even have to think about it. One of the most haunting images in my mind was when Neff was killing her husband and they only showed her face as if looking like she was relieved.

After they dumped the body, Neff seemed a little held back like he was scared or nervous, while Phyllis went on like everything was normal. I felt like Phyllis was distant and cold, yet willing to fake love. It seemed like Neff and Phyllis had a deep connection, but next thing you know they are willing to just turn on each other, and infact they were both going to kill each other, but Neff got to her first. Which is when you hear Phyllis’ confession about their love.

Right after she said this, Neff killed her, and the last image you have of Phyllis was her as a cold-hearted person. After Neff kills Phyllis he goes back to his office to record a confession, and explains to Keyes how everything was happening right under his nose, and he almost seems like he is taunting him about it.

In the end, I still never understood Neff. What were his motives? Did he really love Phyllis? Neff ended with saying that Keyes had gotten too close, which is why he didn’t figure it out, and Keyes responds by giving Neff a cigarette and saying “I love you too.”. What a way to end a movie! Double Imdemnity is one of those movies, where you think you understand everything that is going on, but in the end you are still left with questions. Overall though I did enjoy watching it, and I felt like it opened my eyes to a classic noir tale.


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