Devil in a Blue Dress: book vs movie!

I thought that Devil in a Blue Dress was actually a really easy read. I felt like all the previous books that we have read this semester have had really detailed plots while Devil in a Blue Dress was pretty straight forward. That being said, I was really interested in seeing the movie and how it would differ from the book. It actually was pretty different, first off in the book we see this connection between Easy and Daphne they even go and stay together for a few days. In the movie that connection was lost, I felt that Daphne was almost against Easy and that there were no feelings other than being acquaintances. That was really disappointing because that helped to move the story along in the book, and it made it a little bit more interesting.  I also felt like they diluted Allbright’s personality. In the book we get this mental image that Allbright is an elitist and has a very strong personality. He showed this by wearing all white and talking in a manner that you would think he was extremely well educated. In the movie he was still a prominent character but his clothing style was changed, and he didn’t seem as controlling as in the book. Overall I thought that the book was much better than the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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